Fish-ing for tips

I am trying to get used to fish as a default shell. I like some things in it, but can not quite get used to other things, so I wonder - maybe I am cooking it wrong? So here are things that I could not find a solution for, while switching from bash.

  • bash$ DISPLAY=:1 gedit - very simple thing, how do I set and environment variable for just one command execution in the most simple possible way.

  • bash$ scp hostname:somedir/*.jpg . - when I try to run this in fish, for some reason I get "fish: Warning: No match for wildcard 'hostname:somedir/*.jpg'. The command will not be executed." and I could not figure out how to actually run the command in a quick Googling.

  • I have (almost) come to terms that 'while' and 'for' syntax is different, but I still wonder - maybe there is some bash compatibility mode that I missed that would allow me to use my old ways?

I do like the colors, the shortened cwd in the prompt, the univeral history and univeral variables, lower memory usage and funkier completions. Any other fish features people like? Especially I am interested in features that are not enabled by default.