New Nokia games coming

Warning, this post is COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL, do not spread outside of authorized corporate internal communication channels.

Today Nokia will announce that in order to increase investor confidence and foster brand loyalty all Nokia Symbian phones in the world will receive two free Nokia-themed games.

The first game will be Angry Nokias - Nokias have discovered that other phones are taking their market share away and now they are very, very angry! Fling cool and shiny Nokia phone and destroy the competition. Complete all free 30 levels and be first to collect all golden Ovi's by gathering MeeGo and Windows Phone 7 logos in the levels!

The other game that is sure to be an instant hit among true Nokia fans will be the Nokia Ninja - you are a humble user and sales people are throwing phones at you - all kinds of phones. But beware - most of those phones are not Nokias! Use your finger to slice trough the competition, rake up combos and achievements! But be careful - you do not want to slice trough a Nokia phone! Only trough instant brand recognition you can rake up truly great scores in this game.

Nokia - connecting people.

(P.S. Check the date)