Social distribution

I have just looked at traffic to my photos from Debconf10 during and after the event. During the event I sent out the link to the photos to Twitter/ and to IRC channel of the conference. The amount of people visiting my photos rose from <100 per day to around 1000 per day. That might be the number of people that follow Debian actively enough to either follow the conference directly or look at #debian or #debconf or #debconf10 Twitter hashtags (if only half of people care about photos, multiply that number by 2).
Now right after I posted the group photo to my blog and to Debian Planet on the 7th of August, the number of daily views sharply rose to 10 000 per day and stayed at that number for 3 days, then decayed to 5k, 3k, 2k, 1k.

We can draw two conclusions from this:

  1. Debian Planet is far more popular than Debconf info or Debian-related hashtags on Twitter/ It could be estimated that the Debian Planet is 50-100 times more popular.

  2. Readers of Debian Planet read the posted articles with a delay. It looks like most will have read an article after 6-7 days, but there might also be a tail, I will kee an eye on that over the next weeks

I thought it might be interesting to people :)

Note: Only 14 blank spots left in the group photo faces page! Let's get the hunt on and finish it!