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DC5 - Jul 9

After some nice breakfast, the Debian Day started with an address from the leader.

Jaldhar H. Vyas did a nice talk about the Debian in general, touching a lot of later subjects too - due to some technical problems, he had to go without his slides:

Then Gunnar Wolf did a talk about free software, where he also touched on the patent issues. After that my talk was up. While the video team was trying to get a nicer display of my presentation on the complex presentation system of the room, I introduced myself and noted my involvement with the swpat issues in EU. After the applause stopped, the hardware was ready and I could start with my talk. It went very well despite being prepared the night before - the CDD possible relationship with Ubuntu inspired some ideas that, I hope, will make Ubuntu into a kind of CDD.

Here is a picture of internals of the CS department building that the talks are happening in. You can see that the weather here is just perfect.

Alexander Schmehl's speach about involvement into Debian as an end-user was even more funny then expected because of repeated and different hardware failures of the presentation beamer control system and attempts of the video team to repair it. I didn't manage to get a clear picture of Alex banging his head against the blackboard, but this face expression of his is allmost as good, but see the video for the best effect. :D

After that allmost all DDs went to the Smokki hacklab to do some hacking. Here we can see some GAIM hacking in progress :)

Later in the evening there was a great game of Ultimate (5 on 5). I was on the same team as Mark Shuttleworth and I participated in all scorings from our team, but the problem was that there was not too many of those. While we didn't keep the score (this game is very exhausting), our team definately lost :(. After that the Ultimate players occupied the sauna - Ultimate Sauna was that. It was quite fun despite the low temperature. No photos from there, again. :)

1.08 Euro?!?!

This will not wait until the daily summary: in Extremadura all mainterance costs of all LinEx distributions, including a dedicated system administrator in every school and including three developers only cost them 1.08 euro per computer per year !!!
This is simply fenomenal.

Debconf - first day + morning

Let us try out a photoblogging format for the daily Debconf5 reportings.
I only arrived here yesterday and here is the schedule of the bus from the center of Helsinki to the campus region:

After following the many friendly signs, I arrived to the site and spotted the first developers:

Some more were just around the corner:

After trying to start the wireless according to several mystical HowTo's and giving up after two hours, I had to plug myself into the Ethernet jack in the dorm room and start working on the presentation for tomorrow. Actually I was not the only one doing that on the last night - developers are lazy :)

The night was long and funny

Around 70 developers were said to have arrived on this day

No photos from the dorm sauna, sorry :)

In the morning we only got up half an hour before the end of the breakfast - around 8:30.

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